We are only selling our GOLD medal winning EVOO in quantities of 4, 8 and 12 (case) bottle shipments. Individual bottles are not available so that:

  1. We can utilize the flat box shipping rate for you (it would cost the same to ship 1 as it does 4… I know, go figure) and most importantly,
  2. So we can get it out fast to our fans who have been waiting eagerly for the harvest to come in.
Olive Oak Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oak EVOO 16.9 oz
-Shipping Included*
-Choose Quantity

Bottles are large 16.9oz/500ml


LIMITED OFFER – Normally sells for $39.95 per bottle
*US & Canada ONLY, all others will get 3 bottles instead of 4 because of the increase in shipping costs.

If you have any questions about olive oil, our process, farming, or you just want to say Hi, Dave would be happy to hear from you. Just email him at dave@oliveoak.com.

Please do not ask if he can sell you a single bottle or accept a payment method other than Paypal. Those are our only two restrictions right now.